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Increasing your Brand Awareness with Facebook Ads service

As you know, Facebook is still the most popular social media platform with nearly 30% of the world’s population. It sounds crazy, right? With this incredible number, Facebook becomes a powerful advertising channel that attracts the interest of many businesses. Even small shops and companies use it as the main channel for their marketing strategy. 

Image this: If you can execute a Facebook advertising campaign well, your advertising can reach millions of potential customers in a few seconds. As a result, it will be quite easy to build brand awareness on a platform with around 3 billion users. 

Complete Your Facebook Ads Campaign with Influence Agency

Facebook advertising can significantly boost your online presence, generate revenue, and grow your business, but it will require you to have some familiarity with the Facebook network. You must understand Facebook’s terms, policies and operation to find the ideal balance between goal-setting, content preparation, creative design, and cost-benefit analysis. It is obvious that a successful campaign needs extensive planning and testing.

However, when accompanying together, you won’t have to worry too much about the aforementioned issues, we will handle the rest. As part of our core services, we will manage your advertising and routinely monitor your campaigns. The Influence Agency makes every effort to minimize errors and ensures that your advertising budget is used effectively.

facebook ads service

Explore Service Packages for Facebook Ads by Influence Agency

Package Details
Standard Package 15% of ads spent/month
With $2000 investment in ads, Influence Agency will provide:
– Up to 2 target audience files
– Up to 8 advertising campaigns
– Up to 2 consultations per month for Business Help
Advanced Package 12% ads spent/month
With $5000 investment on ads, Influence Agency will provide:
– Up to 3 networks included
– Up to 10 advertising campaigns
– Up to 4 consultations per month

Why Startups and SMEs in Cambodia Should Leverage Facebook Ads Services

Utilizing Facebook Ads is a valuable strategy for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital era. Whether your objective is to enhance brand visibility, drive traffic to your website, or boost sales, Facebook Ads present a potent and cost-effective solution to accomplish your aspirations.

Leveraging Facebook advertising with Influence Agency provides extensive benefits:

  • Access one of the most engaged social networks.
  • Enjoy competitive CPC rates.
  • Develop targeted ads for precise audience reach.
  • Acquire leads at an effective CPA.
  • Implement remarketing strategies.
  • Cost-effectively reach a wide audience.
  • Drive significant web traffic from social media.

In addition, Influence Agency’s ad management services offer:

  • Expert guidance from social media specialists.
  • Strategies developed from extensive experience.
  • Valuable insights into competitors.
  • Detailed, actionable reports.
  • Advanced AI and machine learning for campaign optimization.

Process of Influence’s Facebook Ads Service

When you become Influence’s partner, we will make a customized plan that optimizes reach and engagement. Let us guide you through every aspect of our workflow.

Step 1: Detailed Consultation

At Influence, we believe understanding your goals is key. Our team will initiate a detailed consultation to grasp your unique requirements. We’ll advise you on optimal advertising formats and budgets tailored to meet your objectives.

Step 2: Advertisement Planning

Taking insights from product research and competitor analysis, Influence’s team meticulously crafts a comprehensive advertising campaign. This includes setting up compelling content, configuring essential settings, and determining the most effective payment options for your Facebook Ads. You have the flexibility of either transferring a prepayment of the campaign budget or making card payments directly.

Step 3: Advertisement Setup 

In this step, our team will prepare captivating content and visuals. We create fan pages and advertising accounts, leveraging advanced tools like Meta Pixel, Event Tracking, Catalogs, and so on to ensure your ads are strategically positioned for success.

Step 4: Campaign Optimization

After setting up, Influence’s team will continuously optimize your campaign. We will assess the efficacy of your content, realign it based on user interactions and feedback, and enhance it to drive high user engagement. Our approach includes utilizing cutting-edge tools for conversion rate optimization.

Step 5: Reporting And Acceptance

Transparency is our priority. You will receive small batches of in-depth reports detailing the campaign’s performance. Upon acceptance of the results, a comprehensive summary report is provided, along with the corresponding payment invoice.

Why Choose Influence?

influence agency

Influence is the top marketing agency in Cambodia, we are proud to serve you with the most professional branding and digital marketing services. We are here to bring you: 

Highly Skilled Team

At Influence, our pride lies in our team of professionals, each of whom has years of expertise in the realm of Facebook Ads services. Having successfully managed numerous local and international projects, we get a wealth of experience from each project. Our dedicated team has honed effective strategies to minimize risks and optimize income, ensuring your business achieves unparalleled success.

Diverse Services

From email marketing to short video ads, and social media campaigns across platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Influence is your one-stop destination for a diverse range of advertising needs. Our comprehensive service is tailored to elevate your brand visibility and engagement across the digital landscape.

Cost Optimization

We always try to understand the value of your resources before starting planning. Our service packages are meticulously crafted to help clients save not just money but also precious human resources and time. Each package comes with a detailed list of services for your convenience. We conduct regular reviews to ensure that your Return on Investment (ROI) remains consistently high and steady.

Clear And Transparent Reporting

Transparency is the cornerstone of our client relationships. Our reports provide a full breakdown of expenses, calculated in alignment with the agreed-upon price quotation. Every cost is expressly and clearly communicated, ensuring you have an accurate understanding of the investment made and the results achieved.

If you need assistance with Facebook advertisements, Influence’s service is the solution. Our Facebook Ads service empowers you to effortlessly connect with potential customers genuinely interested in your products, making your outreach more effective than ever.

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