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Telegram Ads Service At Influence – Build a Community and Boost Your Brand with Telegram Ads

At Influence, we understand that Telegram is not just a messaging platform; it’s an expansive space for your brand to thrive. Beyond providing advertising services, we present opportunities to turn ideas into compelling stories and impactful messages for your business.

To ensure your advertising campaign goes beyond a mere commercial approach, we consistently explore innovative techniques and breakthrough strategies. Our dedicated team for Telegram Ads is available at every step, from planning to enhancing performance, ensuring your presence remains prominent in Telegram marketing.

telegram ads


What Is Telegram Ads Service?

The Telegram platform, with over 700 million users, hosts Telegram Ads — a direct advertising solution providing businesses with access to their desired clients.

With the Telegram Ads service, both companies and individuals can promote their offerings to Telegram users. These ads can be showcased in chats, channels, groups, or on the app’s search page.

How Influence Can Support Your Telegram Ads Management

Channel and Group Management

Experts at Influence can help you create and manage Telegram channels and groups, providing platforms to share content and information about your products and services with your audience.

Ad Campaign Design and Implementation

We specialize in designing and implementing engaging advertising campaigns using compelling graphics, videos, and text to capture the attention of Telegram users.

Ad Optimization

Our service includes optimizing ad campaigns to ensure your message effectively reaches your target audience, maximizing the success of your Telegram advertising.

Monitoring and Reporting

We provide detailed campaign performance reports, including metrics such as average interactions, interactions by the target audience, messages sent, and other relevant data to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising.

Message Box and Newsfeed Ads

We offer the placement of relevant content, allowing your brand to display advertisements directly in user chats or Telegram newsfeeds.

Advertising Strategy Consultation

In addition to implementing specific marketing initiatives, Influence can provide general strategy recommendations to leverage Telegram as a powerful tool for product promotion.

Why Choose Us?

Experience and Professionalism

Our team at Influence possesses years of expertise in marketing and advertising, excelling in developing engaging content, messaging, and strategies to connect with target audiences.

Competitive Pricing

Recognizing diverse client budgets, we tailor service packages to provide the best value and meet individual needs.

Dedicated Services

Influence is committed to providing quick assistance to ensure a smooth and successful campaign, addressing client inquiries, adjustments, or any issues that may arise.

Interactive Feedback

We maintain close interaction with clients, actively listening to their feedback and suggestions. This helps us understand satisfaction levels and customize campaigns accordingly.

Data and Analytics

Leveraging various data analytic tools, we monitor, assess, and enhance campaign effectiveness, offering clients a clear understanding of the value Influence brings to every dollar invested.


telegram ads

Process Flow of Influence’s Telegram Advertising Service

1. Acquiring and understanding client requirements through information gathering.

2. Collaborating with clients to select the optimal advertising package, defining budget constraints, and establishing timelines.

3. Creating advertising content.

4. Configuring channels and defining the target audience for the business.

5. Enhancing campaigns

  • Tracking campaign performance using statistical data from Telegram.
  • Monitoring engagement levels, link clicks, and ad interactions.
  • Adjusting and refining campaigns based on statistical insights to achieve optimal results.

6. Engaging with clients and overseeing outcomes.

7. Evaluating and enhancing advertising campaigns.