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Guide to sell on Instagram: How to and top strategies for business

In today’s digital world, social media, especially Instagram, has changed how businesses reach their audience. Originally a photo-sharing app, Instagram is now a powerful tool for selling and promoting local businesses. With its visual focus and large user base, it’s a great platform for entrepreneurs and brands to showcase their products and connect with potential customers.

In this blog, Influence Agency will guide you in learning how to sell on Instagram effectively with our comprehensive guide, featuring practical tips and a step-by-step approach to maximizing your sales.

How to sell on Instagram

Using Instagram as a platform for selling can prove to be an incredibly efficient method for promoting your products and connecting with potential customers. Explore this comprehensive, step-by-step manual on effectively selling on Instagram:

Confirm your eligibility

Initially, ensure that Instagram permits you to sell products on Instagram. Take note of the following criteria:

  • Adherence to Instagram’s commerce guidelines.
  • Sale of physical products that are also featured on your website.
  • Instagram’s verification of your representation of the promoted domain.
  • Presence in a market or country where Instagram shopping is accessible.
  • Possession of a business account on Instagram.

Establish a business profile

First, you need to create a business account on Instagram. Crucially, a business account is free and enables you to create shoppable posts, incorporate links into Stories, run advertisements, and gain access to an insightful dashboard. Transitioning from a standard account to a business account is a straightforward process:

  • Select the hamburger menu on your account.
  • Access Privacy and Settings.
  • Navigate to Account Type and Tools.
  • Opt to Switch to a Professional Account.
  • Choose a business category.

Confirm with OK and Done.

instagram store

Setup your Instagram store

Similar to how a physical store stocks its shelves, your Instagram shop requires a catalog of products. There are three methods to populate your Instagram shop’s catalog: import from an existing Facebook catalog, link to your e-commerce website, or create a new catalog. Once completed, you can showcase these products to customers in various visually appealing ways.

If you already have a shop and catalog on Facebook, this step is easy. Simply go to the Catalog Manager, select Settings > Business Assets > Instagram, and add an Instagram Account.

Alternatively, you can integrate your current e-commerce website with Instagram, making your online shop’s catalog readily accessible.

For those starting from scratch without a connection to an e-commerce site, the process involves creating a catalog through Facebook’s Commerce Manager.

Once you’ve assembled a catalog of products for sale, navigate to your account settings and click on “Set up Instagram Shopping.” From there, choose a checkout option, select sales channels (Facebook, Instagram, or both), and review your storefront.

Create interactive posts for shopping

You might be accustomed to tagging your friends in Instagram posts, and now, with your new business account, you have the added ability to tag products in your Instagram posts.

Each tag provides viewers with details like the product name and price. When users tap the tag, they are seamlessly directed to either your Instagram shop or your online store—giving you the flexibility to choose the destination.

Shopping posts seamlessly blend into the Instagram feed, appearing much like any other post but for the small shopping bag icon.

To create your own, start by uploading a photo featuring your product(s), just as you would for any regular post. Craft your caption, add hashtags, and then, in the editor, tap “Tag Products.” Choose where you want the tag to appear on the image and select the relevant product from your catalog. Tap “Share,” and your post is live, inviting people to explore and make a purchase.

shoppable posts

Use shoppable Reels and Stories

It’s not just in-feed posts that can be made shoppable; Instagram allows you to integrate shopping tags into Reels and Stories as well.

Reels provide an excellent platform for showcasing your products in real-life settings. Stories, which can be static images or videos lasting up to 24 hours, can also be strung together. To make a Story shoppable, simply attach a sticker (similar to a tag) that directs users to the featured product.

shoppable reels

Add Instagram checkout

Despite the convenience of Shoppable posts, a slight conversion hurdle arises when users have to click through to your website to complete a purchase. Instagram Checkout eliminates this friction, ensuring a seamless purchase experience by enabling shoppers to pay for products directly within the app.

The journey from tapping the shoppable ad to completing the purchase through Instagram Checkout streamlines the process significantly. By eliminating the need for users to navigate to an external website, you stand to experience a notable boost in your conversion rates.

Tips for boosting sales on Instagram

Now that we know how to sell things on Instagram let’s explore some ways to get more people to peruse your posts and purchase your products.

Diversify your post content

Constantly selling to your audience may not resonate well with most people. To expand your Instagram following, make a deliberate effort to share a mix of regular, non-promotional posts.

There’s a wealth of creative post ideas that can capture attention and enhance engagement with your account. Consider options such as conducting audience polls, sharing video Reels with captions and music, scheduling creative Stories incorporating graphics, images, and video, and crafting fun and engaging captions.

While there isn’t a fixed formula for the ratio of shoppable to regular posts, a general guideline is to aim for approximately one to three shoppable posts out of every ten total posts you publish. Adjustments can be made based on the performance of your account.

Collaborate with influencers

The use of influencer marketing has proven to be an effective strategy for businesses aiming to drive sales through social media. Combining influencers with shoppable posts creates a powerful combination for brands seeking increased sales on Instagram.

Contrary to popular belief, influencers don’t always have to be high-profile celebrities. In fact, working with a micro-influencer who has a few thousand devoted fans can be more cost-effective and may convey a greater sense of relatability compared to engaging a well-known personality.

collab with influencers

Use Instagram Advertisements

While sharing organic shoppable posts is an effective and cost-free method to attract more online buyers for your products, investing even a modest amount in Instagram ads can significantly increase your visibility among targeted audiences. 

Instagram ads offer versatility, allowing you to promote shoppable posts, Reels, and Stories. As you get used to promoting posts, you can explore custom audience options to enhance the efficiency of your ads and amplify your return on investment (ROI).

Consider partnering with a reliable agency specializing in running ads, such as Influence Agency, the top agency in Cambodia. We offer Instagram marketing services tailored to businesses of all types and sizes.

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Use hashtags

Incorporating hashtags into your Instagram posts is a simple way to enhance the discoverability of your content for new fans and followers. Furthermore, adding multiple hashtags can amplify your exposure.

The key lies in selecting the right hashtags for your business—ones that are pertinent to your brand, ensuring that the individuals discovering your content are potential customers.

Consider different types of hashtags, such as:

  • Location: #phnompenh
  • Popular: #marketing
  • Trending: #christmas2023
  • Branded: #InfluenceAgency

To discover the ideal combination of hashtags for your content, input related terms into the Instagram search bar and explore the variations that emerge.

Use user-generated content

User-generated content is a powerful asset in the business world, serving as a triple threat. It provides a consistent supply of excellent content for posting, grants access to the creator’s audience, and serves as social proof.

Readily available user-generated content can be discovered on Instagram by searching for pertinent hashtags. Alternatively, you can encourage the creation of new content by organizing contests and employing branded hashtags.

Organize giveaways

Looking to add a touch of enjoyment for your followers while still driving significant sales? Consider hosting Instagram giveaways. Through a giveaway, you can encourage your followers to participate in a contest where they need to complete a few actions for a chance to win a prize.

For instance, you might request them to share a video featuring your product, use your branded hashtag, or tag a friend in your post. Keep the rules straightforward so that your followers can easily comply without much effort.


Here are some pointers for creating a successful Instagram contest:

  • Choose your prize, which doesn’t have to be big. It could be a discount, a complimentary gift, a free consultation, a book, a sample of your latest product, or anything else deemed valuable and relevant to your audience.
  • Specify how participants can enter your contest. Create two or three simple entry criteria, such as “follow this account, like this post, and tag a friend below.”
  • Ensure your giveaway post includes the hashtags #contest, #giveaway, and #yourbrandname.

Show your care to your followers

Capturing the attention of your audience is one thing; retaining their interest for the long term is another challenge. When you convey genuine interest in your audience and strive to establish meaningful connections, they are likely to reciprocate with their own sense of care. Follow these guidelines to forge strong connections with your Instagram followers:

  • Engage in communication with your followers by responding to their comments and mentions. Tag them in your photos when you share their posts, and make an effort to view their stories whenever possible.
  • Foster a more authentic relationship with loyal followers by sending direct messages.
  • Approach customer complaints on Instagram with a friendly and flexible attitude. Address negative reviews or comments promptly, directly, and courteously. Avoid making your customers wait too long for support.

Benefits of selling on Instagram

sell on instagram

Instagram has emerged as a powerful platform for businesses to sell their products and services. Several benefits make Instagram an ideal channel for selling, including:

Extensive audience reach

Instagram boasts over a billion monthly users, offering businesses access to a vast and diverse audience. Influencers and hashtags can further extend reach, making them an effective tool for building brand awareness and attracting potential customers.

Compelling visual presence

Instagram’s focus on visuals makes it an excellent platform for showcasing products and services through high-quality images and videos. This visual-centric approach helps businesses highlight product features, influence purchasing decisions, and create engaging advertisements to drive customer engagement and generate leads.

Real-time customer interaction

Instagram facilitates real-time communication between businesses and customers through comments, direct messages, polls, and quizzes. This direct interaction builds trust, fosters customer loyalty, and enhances the overall customer experience. It also provides valuable feedback and insights, allowing businesses to adapt their offerings to better meet customer expectations.

Precision targeted marketing

Instagram offers powerful advertising capabilities, allowing businesses to target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Precise targeting maximizes the impact of advertising campaigns and increases the likelihood of conversions. Businesses can also retarget customers and use insights to monitor campaign performance. 

Elevated brand visibility

Instagram is a platform where businesses can show who they are and share interesting stories. Consistently sharing engaging content helps create a unique brand persona, strengthening brand awareness, loyalty, and advocacy. The platform also facilitates tailored content marketing strategies to reach desired audiences more effectively.

E-commerce integration

Instagram’s e-commerce features, including product tags and the Instagram Shop, enable businesses to sell products directly within the app. This seamless experience enhances convenience for customers, increasing the likelihood of completing purchases. Shoppable posts make it easy for companies to showcase and market products directly to followers, streamlining the purchasing process within the app.


By making use of features like shoppable posts and Instagram ads, businesses can reach more people, boost sales, and build strong connections with their audience. With dedication and creativity, anyone can succeed in selling on Instagram. Keep learning, stay adaptable, and watch your Instagram sales grow.


Can you sell directly on Instagram?

Of course! Just connect a catalog and use Instagram Checkout, and people can buy things straight from your Instagram account.

Without a website, how could I sell on Instagram?

You can’t sell on Instagram without a website. You need a website linked to your account to sell on Instagram.

Is there a fee for selling on Instagram?

Not really. You can set up a shop and use shoppable posts without paying. But, fees may apply if you run Instagram ads to sell products within the Meta platform.

The cost will depend on various factors, such as your advertising objectives, target audience demographics, the duration and frequency of your ads, and the level of competition in your industry.

Learn more about Instagram ads cost.

How can I start selling on Instagram?

Transform your Instagram account into a business account, link it to a product catalog, and craft shoppable posts.

Do i need a business license to sell on Instagram?

The necessity of a business license to sell on Instagram depends on your location and business type. In numerous instances, having a business license or permit is crucial for legally running a business, which includes selling on Instagram. It’s important to seek guidance from local authorities or legal experts to comprehend the precise licensing prerequisites for your business in your area.

Is selling on Instagram allowed?

Indeed, selling products and services on Instagram is legal. Instagram itself does not impose restrictions on selling, as long as you adhere to its terms of service and community guidelines. However, it’s crucial to comply with local laws governing business operations, taxation, product safety, and consumer protection. Always ensure that you are aware of the legal requirements specific to your industry and location to conduct your Instagram selling activities lawfully.

How many followers do I need to sell on Instagram?

There are no specific follower requirements for selling on Instagram! While having more followers can potentially boost sales, it’s equally important to concentrate on creating high-quality content that resonates with your target audience.

How can I accept payments on Instagram?

You can receive payments on Instagram through Instagram Checkout, where customers complete the entire checkout process on Instagram. Alternatively, you can direct customers to your online store or request payments through payment links or other apps (such as PayPal) coordinated through direct messaging.