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Boost Your Reach with Influence’s Zalo Ads Service

The key to propelling a business to new heights lies in a seamless advertisement that not only attracts millions of interactions from potential customers but also effectively manages to reduce overall advertising costs.

Influence is dedicated to the primary goal of enhancing sales for businesses exclusively through the Zalo Ads platform.

Let us be your brand’s ally. Influence takes pride in our workforce with extensive professional experience, offering diverse options, rapid and dedicated consultations, and performance guarantees to meet and exceed your requirements.

What Is Zalo Ads?

Zalo, a popular free messaging and calling application in Vietnam, provides Zalo Ads as its online advertising solution. This platform empowers companies and advertisers to craft and manage marketing campaigns, allowing them to target and engage customers within the Zalo environment directly.

zalo ads

Zalo Ads Formats

Zalo Official Account (Zalo OA) Ads

These advertisements bring heightened attention to the company’s official Zalo page, facilitating the sharing of product details, content, news, and direct interaction with consumers.

Display Ads

Positioned prominently in sizable sections across Zalo networks such as Baomoi and Zing MP3, these ads gain attention.

PR Ads

Business PR posts are crafted to be featured on news websites like Baomoi and Zing News, offering targeted information.

Website Ads

Zalo allows the inclusion of a destination URL in the business’s ad content. Clicking on this URL directs users to the designated website, product page, or service page.

Content Ads

Posts are generated and displayed on the company’s Zalo official account to engage the audience.

Message Ads (Zalo Notification Service)

These ads enable the delivery of mass messages to a specific customer group, enhancing targeted outreach.

Video Ads

Advertising videos are showcased in the timeline or during video-watching modes on Zalo.

Engagement Ads

Users are encouraged to interact with the ads by participating in surveys, signing up for events, entering contests, and more.


zalo ads

Benefits of Zalo Ads Service

Reaching Many Customers Easily

With over 74 million users in Vietnam (more than 74% of the population), businesses have a great opportunity to connect with a large and diverse customer base.

Different Ways to Advertise

Zalo Ads provides various ways to advertise, like using photos, videos, or text. This flexibility allows businesses to create ads that suit their goals and messages.

Finding the Right Customers

Zalo’s tools help businesses accurately find their target audience based on factors like age, gender, interests, location, and online activities. This makes connecting with customers more effective.

Saving Money

Zalo Ads is affordable compared to traditional advertising methods, making it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to communicate with their customers efficiently. Additionally, free calling and chat tools on Zalo can enhance customer connections.

Zalo OA Integration

Registering for a Zalo OA account is free, making it easy for businesses to create posts, show ads, and attract more users to Zalo OA. This is a great way to increase brand awareness at no cost.

Influence’s Process Of Running Zalo Ads

  1. Understanding the business and clarifying customer expectations.
  2. Guiding the business in selecting the suitable Zalo Ads package.
  3. Offering a price quote and overseeing the contract signing process.
  4. Establishing a Zalo Business account for the business.
  5. Developing relevant advertising content, covering campaign goals, target audience, ad formats, budget, etc.
  6. Verifying details with the business, generating posts, and overseeing the management of the Business’s Zalo Official Account.
  7. Monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments to ensure the campaign meets its objectives.