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Adobe Introduces Firefly: a Fresh Lineup of Innovative Generative AI for Creativity

Adobe is beginning a ground-breaking journey in the AI-powered creative era, like other technology enterprises. The breakthrough is introducing Firefly-powered capabilities to a global audience via its platforms: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Cloud.


Adobe’s latest achievement heralds the arrival of the Firefly online application, accompanied by a slew of new features in Adobe Express to enhance content creation simplistically and efficiently. Notably, the introduction of the Generative Credits subscription service stands out as a highlight, bringing an extra layer of excitement to Adobe’s portfolio.

adobe firefly

After a successful six-month beta phase, Adobe’s Firefly-powered features are now accessible across a range of Creative Cloud products. This includes Photoshop’s Generative Fill and Expand, Illustrator’s Generative Recolor, and Adobe Express’s Text to Image and Text Effects.


Exciting features are now easily obtainable online, and creators can use Firefly through Adobe Express. The Firefly’s integration redefines how individuals and brands transform their concepts into captivating social media campaigns. Moreover, Express with Firefly seamlessly meshes with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), empowering enterprises to create, collaborate, and deliver content at scale.

Express Premium, and Creative Cloud paid plans have introduced the consolidation of Generative Credits. This innovative credit-based model for generative AI is now seamlessly integrated across all Adobe offerings. 

Generative Credits allow clients to use Adobe’s AI to convert text prompts into pictures and vectors. When a subscriber’s original allocation of Generative Credits is depleted, they have two alternatives. They can acquire extra Generative Credits via subscription packs, which start at US$4.99 per month for a package containing 100 Credits, or continue creating with slower processing speeds. 

Adobe has stated that qualifying Adobe Stock contributors whose content was helpful in training the original commercial Firefly model will earn a Firefly incentive. This bonus will be determined by two factors: the total number of approved images submitted to Adobe Stock that were utilized in Firefly training over time, and the number of licenses these images generated within the 12-month period spanning from June 3, 2022, to June 2, 2023.

Additionally, a subsequent Firefly Bonus is scheduled for 2024, so stay tuned!