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The Cresta Awards’ 2023 Shortlist is Announced

The Cresta Awards, now in its 30th year, has unveiled its 2023 Shortlist, praising the contenders for ‘setting new standards’ for the competition.

Cresta, renowned for its independent and unprejudiced perspective on creative standards, has selected 250 entries for its shortlist. The winners are determined by adding the scores by an esteemed international jury that deliberates alone to avoid groupthink and cultural prejudice.


The 120+ group of creative leaders that comprise the jury also consists of a rotating third of new jurors each year.

With 13 entries, including many for its work on the ‘Healthy AR Streamers’ project, Dentsu Inc. of Tokyo has the most representation from the Asian area.

Only Serviceplan, which won the overall network last year and has 14 nominations, beats Dentsu Inc. for first place on the shortlist. With 14 more entries, the Dentsu Creative global network also makes a significant impact thanks to projects from its offices in the US and Portugal.

This year’s shortlist, which had been dominated by agencies and clients from Western Europe and the United States for many years, also showed a reinforced cohort from the Middle East.

The Cresta Awards


“This year’s shortlist is fantastic. A tremendous joy to observe and learn from!” stated Lewis Blackwell, CEO of Cresta.

“We strive to have the most outstanding work from across the world, and thanks to our judging procedure, nothing that hasn’t been adequately screened by a very varied and demanding jury makes the shortlist.”

He continued by saying that a lot of the work in the more recent digital categories really sets new standards for the competition and serves as a record of how the world is evolving in general. “When you take a look at some of the astounding innovations that we are discussing in our shortlist, you can see how society is changing and how businesses are resetting their ideals. It’s wonderful to witness the new creative energy in our 30th year.”