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Influence Agency x Parany Sauce: Transformation of Parany Sauce on Social Platform

About Parany Sauce:

Parany Sauce, renowned for its authentic Khmer taste, stands as a testament to culinary innovation. A culinary delight, it offers the convenience of a passionate chef in every bottle. With Parany, cooking becomes an art, saving time without compromising the richness of flavors.

What We Offer to Parany Sauce: 

Fanpage Management Packages (3 Months)

The collaboration between Parany Sauce and Influence Agency with a strategic focus on amplifying its presence in the digital space. Our comprehensive Fanpage Management Packages for Parany Sauce encompass:

– Facebook Fanpage Management: We monitor Parany Sauce’s Facebook page, ensuring a vibrant and engaging online community.

– Facebook Advertising: Leveraging targeted advertising, we strategically showcase Parany Sauce to a broader audience, maximizing its reach and impact.

– Monthly Report: Transparent communication is key. We provide Parany Sauce with detailed monthly reports, offering insights into the performance and growth of its digital presence.

– Content Planning and Strategy: We compile a content plan and strategy that resonates with Parany Sauce’s audience, fostering sustained engagement.

In addition to comprehensive Fanpage Management Packages, we provide Video Production services tailored to elevate Parany Sauce’s online presence: 

  • Motion Graphic Video: We produce a dynamic short video that uses animated elements, graphics, and text to convey information, visually engaging and effective for showcasing key messages, statistics, or brand characteristics.
  • Concept Video: A dedicated video to introduce the Parany Sauce. The video highlights the ingredients, uses, and unique selling points, aiming to educate customers and drive sales.


The collaboration between Influence Agency and Parany Sauce has achieved noteworthy results:

  • Increased Engagement: Parany Sauce’s Facebook page has experienced noticeable engagement, creating a thriving online community.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Through strategic Facebook advertising, we’ve elevated Parany Sauce’s visibility, reaching a wider audience and fostering brand recognition.
  • Measurable Growth: Our monthly reports showcase measurable growth, providing Parany Sauce with actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Influence Agency takes pride in contributing to Parany Sauce’s digital journey. Our campaign has proven highly effective in elevating brand recognition, resulting in a significant increase in product sales and, consequently, amplifying the brand’s overall profitability.