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Influence x CE Express

Maximizing Results: CE Express Partners with Influence Agency for Next-Level Digital Marketing Optimization


CE Express, a Cambodian Freight and Cargo Company offering domestic and international logistics services, has teamed up with Influence Agency to enhance its digital marketing efforts through a series of targeted campaigns and sophisticated tracking mechanisms to yield results in app installs, user engagement, and promotional effectiveness for CE Express.



Service Offers

Influence Agency provided a multi-faceted approach to elevate CE Express’s digital presence through these offers:


  1. Setup and Install Firebase: Influence Agency installed and configured Firebase on CE Express’s website. This was essential for tracking ad performance, monitoring user interactions, measuring campaign success, and gathering data to optimize marketing strategies.
  2. Android and IOS App Install Campaign: A dedicated app install campaign was launched for Android and iOS devices to attract new users to download and use the CE Express app on both Android and iOS platforms.
  3. Create a Promotional Landing Page and Run a Traffic Campaign: Develop a landing page to drive potential users to the promotion, increasing website traffic and enhancing customer interaction.



Impressive Results Achieved

The collaboration between Influence Agency and CE Express has produced remarkable outcomes:


  • Improved Promotion Effectiveness: Targeted landing pages and traffic campaigns have boosted CE Express’s promotions, increasing user engagement and higher conversion rates with impressions of 237,420 with 17,710 clicks.
  • Increased App Installs: The tailored app install campaigns significantly drive the audience to download CE Express mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. 
  • Enhance Tracking and Reporting with Locker Studio: Influence Agency used Locker Studio to compile detailed reports on campaign performance, providing CE Express with comprehensive insights to inform future marketing decisions.


The partnership between Influence Agency and CE Express demonstrates the power of strategic digital marketing and precise data tracking. By using advanced tools and tailored campaigns, Influence Agency has boosted CE Express’s user engagement and business growth, highlighting the importance of comprehensive digital marketing strategies for continued success.