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Influence x 11Even Edition

Elevating 11Even Edition: How The Influence Agency Crafted a Winning Social Media Campaign and Launch Event

11Even Edition


11Even Edition is designed for children aged 4-12 and offered for adults, focusing on a range that embodies both comfort and contemporary style. Influence Agency’s mission is to develop a brand identity that reflects a sense of fashion for young minds. Inspired by the boundless energy of childhood, the clothing line incorporates bold colors, playful patterns, and high-quality, durable materials through advertisements in social media channels and their launching event as well.


Influence’s strategy for 11Even Edition social campaign


To generate excitement and connect with parents, we implemented a multi-faceted marketing strategy. Eye-catching social media campaigns featuring real children showcased the clothing’s versatility and comfort. 


Additionally, collaborating with popular kid influencers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok allowed us to reach a wider audience and showcase the clothes in action. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of marketing children’s clothing. This project guide outlines key tasks to help them launch a successful campaign for kids’ fashion lines. 


Through cut edges strategy, an implementation plan for 11Even Edition started off with a thorough market research phase in which we aim to understand more about the kid clothing market itself. Then through our creative plan for the social media channels, we were able to also express the brand’s identity through various contents such as posters, videos and blogs, etc.


Measuring Success


For our social media management within 1-month collaboration, Influence Agency produced for 11Even Edition 12 posts and 6 videos with the total of post engagement result reached to 26 838 and the total of page like within follow is 4590.

Strategic Event Planning for 11Even Edition 


Besides just producing content, Influence Agency has also worked with the brand to host one of the most astounding launching events as well in which we used social media shout-outs to build anticipation for their event such as the launching event. We also share sneak peeks of the venue, activities, and exclusive offers available for attendees.


Throughout the entire event, our team facilitation has helped in letting the event go through successfully and marked as a wonderful start for the brand itself. Post-event production involves us extending the buzz after the event by sharing a compilation video on social media, showcasing the highlights, and featuring happy attendees of the event.




By staying agile, data-driven, and focused on creating authentic connections with consumers, we believe that Influence Agency and 11Even Edition can continue to drive growth and success in the highly competitive retail landscape which is the foundation laid by this initial collaboration that sets the stage for ongoing innovation and market leadership.