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Influence x DRG Cambodia Trading Co., Ltd.

Influence Agency Partners with DRG Cambodia Trading to Elevate Vigor and Cobizco Coffee Brands”


On March 28, 2024, Influence is proud to announce a partnership with DRG Cambodia Trading Co., d., the premier importer of consumer goods in Cambodia. Influence Agency has undertaken a bold initiative to enhance the brand recognition of two key brands under DRG Cambodia Trading Co., Ltd.—Vigor and Cobizco Coffee Cambodia. By employing a strategic mix of social media campaigns and local activations, Influence Agency aims to establish these brands as household names throughout Cambodia.


Our mission at Influence Agency is to boost the visibility and appeal of Vigor and Cobizco Coffee. By harnessing the power of social media and on-the-ground activations, we aim to create a strong and engaging presence for these brands. This comprehensive campaign is tailored to connect with Cambodian consumers, build brand loyalty, and drive growth.


Marketing Strategy to Boost Brand Awareness


To enhance brand awareness, it is crucial that everyone can easily access the brand, both online and in areas without internet access. We have implemented two key marketing strategies:


Social Media Strategy:


  • Engaging Content: Create visually appealing and motivational content that reflects the brand’s energetic ethos.
  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with local influencers who embody the brand’s values to amplify reach and credibility.


Interactive Campaigns and Booth Activations:


  • Organize interactive campaigns and set up booth activations in specific locations.
  • For both Vigor and Cobizco, we have conducted booth activations in various areas and participated in seasonal events, such as Khmer New Year, with a booth at the Sangkran Bronze Lake in Kampong Thom Province.
  • These booths invite current customers and those unfamiliar with Vigor and Cobizco to experience its new vibes and flavors. This approach allows us to reach a broader audience, including those without social media or internet access.


These strategies ensure that Vigor and Cobizco are accessible and engaging to consumers, fostering greater brand loyalty and visibility.


Effective Marketing Strategies Propel Cobizco Coffee’s Social Media Success


Cobizco has been focusing on social media marketing. However, its marketing campaign has demonstrated remarkable success in increasing brand awareness and engagement on social media. By analyzing key metrics from the Facebook page between March 7 and April 19, 2024, we can see how effective content strategies and targeted efforts have significantly boosted their online presence, resulting in rapid growth in followers and page likes. In less than 2 months since Cobizco started with Influence Agency, Cobizco Coffee’s Facebook page gained approximately 3.6k new followers. This impressive growth indicates a strong and compelling online presence that attracts and retains followers. Also, the total number of page likes increased from 244 to 3.9k, indicating a significant rise in user engagement and interest in the brand. Furthermore, the page interaction rate soared by over 9.6k%, demonstrating the effectiveness of Cobizco Coffee’s content in engaging its audience. The metrics show that our marketing campaign drove traffic and interaction on our Facebook page. The significant growth in followers, page likes, interactions, and visits confirms the success of our strategies. By consistently delivering engaging content, Cobizco Coffee has solidified its presence on Facebook, paving the way for continued growth and brand loyalty. 


Check out more marketing content of Cobizco Coffee on the official Facebook face here:


Extending Vigor’s Reach Across Cambodian Provinces


As DRG Cambodia Trading Co., Ltd. aims to expand Vigor’s presence beyond urban centers, Influence Agency has spearheaded activities across various Cambodian provinces, including the Vigor Vibes and Vigor Dance Revolution campaigns. The Vigor Vibes Campaign kicked off in May, with the purpose of exploring the Cambodian province and understanding the lives of people from diverse occupations and perspectives, including product sampling, live demonstrations, and engaging activities designed to connect with local communities and create memorable brand experiences. This comprehensive approach ensures a wide reach and deep engagement with the target audience, enhancing Vigor’s visibility and appeal across Cambodia. Please stay tuned for these episodes on Vigor’s Official Facebook Page!


Here is the link to Vigor’s Facebook:


Measuring Success


The ongoing campaign has already shown promising results, with noticeable increases in page engagement, likes, and followers growing steadily. Influence Agency will employ a comprehensive approach to measure the success of its campaigns for Vigor and Cobizco Coffee. 




Influence Agency’s campaign for Vigor and Cobizco Coffee Cambodia aims to transform brand awareness strategies in Cambodia. By blending innovative social media tactics with immersive provincial activations, the agency is set to make a lasting impact. As the campaign progresses, Vigor and Cobizco Coffee are expected to gain substantial traction, becoming beloved brands across the nation.