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Influence X JMC: Push Through Brand Limit

About JMC

JMC is an automotive brand in Cambodia, it is also a Sale Distributor of JMC in Cambodia. JMC just launched a new product called “Grand Avenue Raptor” and Influence is delighted to be a part of this exciting venture.

influence and jmc

What We Offer To JMC

This time, Influence offers a Production service to JMC, in which we produced for JMC a series of posters of its car for a teasing post, and 3 videos to promote 360-degree of the JMC Grand Avenue Raptor 2024.

influence jmc 2

More than that, we also provide JMC with Digital OOH (DOOH) service. 3 videos produced for JMC then will be adapted on LCD Led for boosting the brand’s image

influence jmc 3


The project with JMC as of the first half of January is still only half of the way. Although there are not many specific results yet, JMC’s satisfaction with the creative products we create is Influence’s honor. Check out the latest project updates with JMC on Influence’s

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