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Influence x OSIM: Packaging Innovation with Branding Service

About OSIM

OSIM, a subsidiary of V3 Brands, is a pioneer and global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products. As one of the forefront of innovation and development of the most comprehensive range of products, OSIM has achieved numerous brand awards, product design awards, and overseas business awards in the Wellness Tech industry.

influence X osim

What We Offer to OSIM

OSIM recognized the pivotal role of packaging in shaping brand identity and customer experience. Influence, with its expertise in designing, crafted a tailored approach to redesign OSIM’s shopping bags. The objective is to align the packaging with OSIM’s brand, reflecting the brand’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Creative Packaging Design:

Influence infused creative elements into the design, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with OSIM’s distinctive brand elements. The result was not just a shopping bag but a visual representation of OSIM’s commitment to wellness and innovation.


Besides designing the shopping bags, we brought the well-crafted shopping bags to life, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

influence x osim 2


The redesign of OSIM’s shopping bags resulted in an improvement in brand representation. The bags became more than mere carriers, they’re eye-catching, and present OSIM’s commitment to wellness.