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March 20, 2024

Influence x Woori Bank

Path to a better discovery: Woori Bank collaborates with Influence on showing the enhancement of Cambodia’s digital payment system with KHQR

In recent years, Cambodia’s banking sector has expanded significantly, solidifying its place as an essential part of the nation’s financial infrastructure with Woori Bank as one of the prominent institutions at the moment. To expedite financial transactions by QR Code, the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) has introduced a standard KHQR Code. Using its mobile banking app, Woori Bank Cambodia, one of the top commercial banks in the nation, enables this KHQR feature. 


Woori Bank’s KHQR Function


Woori Bank Cambodia offers a service called KHQR, or “KH Quick Response,” which allows users to make payments quickly and securely by scanning the QR codes of KHQR members. With this feature, customers may easily scan KHQR codes to speed up transactions with KHQR-capable retailers. The KHQR function also facilitates QR payments to KHQR merchants, which improves the effectiveness and convenience of digital transactions for Woori Bank clients.


With our main goal in mind, the video production process focuses on highlighting the importance of the function as well as how fast people can access and use it through Woori Bank mobile app. Check more on the features of Woori Bank’s KHQR here. 


Particularly, The KHQR feature on the Woori Bank app is noteworthy due to its cross-bank interoperability, efficiency, and additional benefits it offers to both users and merchants in the Cambodian market, even though other payment systems may have comparable characteristics. It provides a simple, effective, and economical means of making transfers and payments, improving consumers’ and businesses’ digital banking experience. 


In collaboration with Influence Agency to create a video to open a path for viewers to understand more in terms of the term KHQR in Woori Bank as well as the benefits that they can gain from using that feature, a video showcasing the function has been produced during align with Khmer New Year holiday as well. 


Woori Bank’s video creation for the Cambodia KHQR function is a dynamic and informative piece designed to showcase the innovative features and benefits of this cutting-edge banking service. Viewers are taken on a journey that demonstrates the convenience, efficiency, and security that Woori Bank’s KHQR function offers, emphasizing its role in simplifying financial processes and providing a seamless banking experience. By showcasing real-life scenarios and testimonials, the video effectively conveys the value and impact of this service, positioning Woori Bank as a leader in digital banking solutions in Cambodia.


Through captivating visuals and engaging narration, the video created by Influence Agency illustrates how Woori Bank’s KHQR function simplifies transactions, fosters financial inclusivity, and ensures seamless digital banking solutions. With a focus on convenience, security, and efficiency, the video highlights how Woori Bank continues to lead the way in revolutionizing the banking sector in Cambodia, cementing its reputation as a trusted financial partner for individuals and businesses alike.


Way Forward


In conclusion, the way forward for Influence Agency in partnership with Woori Bank, particularly focusing on the KHQR function, is brimming with potential for mutual growth and success. With a shared commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions, the collaboration between Influence Agency and Woori Bank is poised to pave the way for a future where seamless digital banking experiences are the norm, shaping the financial landscape in Cambodia for years to come.

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