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Influence x Z-Y International Kindergarten

Inspiring the Next Generation: Z-Y International Kindergarten’s Collaborative Social Media Initiative with Influence Agency

Influence Agency is excited to collaborate with Z-Y International Kindergarten to enhance and refine its brand identity. Our comprehensive branding service is designed to position Z-Y International Kindergarten as a top option for early childhood education by developing a unified and captivating brand presence that appeals to parents and caregivers.


Building a brand identity for Z-Y International Kindergarten involves creating and distributing brand assets, making POSM, conducting targeted advertisements, and increasing awareness on Facebook and TikTok. Let’s dive into each type of service that we have done so far. 


Brand Identity Development 


The creation of a powerful and enduring brand identity for Z-Y International Kindergarten is the core of our branding service. This comprises a logo design with a distinctive and eye-catching logo that captures the essence of the kindergarten’s goals and values. Tagline Creation which develops a catchy and meaningful tagline that captures the essence of Z-Y International Kindergarten’s educational key principle.


Influence always values our customers through providing outstanding service, including understanding and anticipating their requirements, communicating with them clearly and proactively, and upholding high standards. In addition to increasing customer pleasure, we have suggested a few taglines that resonate with the objective of Z-Y International Kindergarten. Therefore, they have chosen the tagline “Z-Y International Kindergarten, Where learning and fun come together!” as the officials with the concept of kindergarten suitable for kids. We have also developed a color palette and typography by selecting a color scheme and fonts that reflect the kindergarten’s warmth, safety, and nurturing environment. 


Designing and Producing Brand Assets


Effective communication and recruitment activities need the creation of visually appealing and consistent brand assets. We created a logo and visual design for Z-Y Kindergarten that captures its warmth and superior instruction. Additionally, our staff creates excellent flyers, brochures, and presentation templates, among other marketing materials. To guarantee a consistent online presence, we produce digital assets including content for banners and social media graphics. 



Raising Awareness on Facebook and TikTok



To reach more potential customers, we have created a strong Facebook presence for Z-Y Kindergarten such as page management to oversee Z-Y Kindergarten’s official Facebook Page. We make sure that it has regular updates and a unified identity. Here is a link to the page 




Our team also creates content plan for each month with interesting and instructional content that highlights the kindergarten’s offerings. This content includes graphic design posters, videos, stories, photographs, and many more. Let’s take a look at what we have done so far. 



Running Targeted Ads



We aim to attract potential students by increasing the brand’s social media visibility through customized advertising. Advertising Campaign Approach We develop creative advertising campaigns aimed at parents of small children, emphasizing the unique benefits of Z-Y Kindergarten. Performance tracking: Our team continuously monitors the efficacy of advertisements and tweaks campaigns to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Lead Generation: The ads aim to draw prospective parents to the kindergarten’s website and Facebook page by encouraging visits and inquiries.



Launching event organizing 



Our objective is to organize a memorable occasion that draws attention to the kindergarten’s distinctive features, involves the neighborhood, and creates the conditions for a successful start. To guarantee that the ceremony concludes with a meaningful message, we organize every detail of the event, covering every angle from start to finish including Event Concept and Theme Development, Venue Decoration, Event Promotion, and Marketing, Program and Activity Planning, Logistics and Coordination. 






Influence Agency creates a thorough marketing strategy with Z-Y International Kindergarten to advance the brand in Cambodia. We establish a unified and powerful presence that improves the brand’s visibility and engagement across a variety of platforms, starting with the creation of the core assets for the brand and ending with the effective utilization of both online and offline channels. 



Elevate your brand with Influence Agency! Contact us today to begin creating a strong, enduring brand that dominates the marketplace!