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A Simple Guide to Facebook Marketplace Advertising for Beginners

With billions of users that grow daily, Facebook has firmly established itself as the most popular social platform globally. And with such a massive audience, Facebook has become a hugely promising channel for commerce and advertising compared to Google.

The Facebook community tends to be more recreational and user-friendly than strictly commercial channels. As such, Facebook advertising, specifically through Marketplace, provides some key advantages over traditional outlets.

In this article, I want to provide a helpful simple guide to getting started with Facebook Marketplace advertising. It’s really not as complicated as you may think! My goal is to equip you with a strong foundation of knowledge to advertise on Facebook Marketplace successfully. 

So let’s dive right in and unlock the potential of this uniquely engaging advertising platform! I’m excited to share these useful learnings with you.

What’s the Marketplace on Facebook? 


Facebook Marketplace is an online platform introduced by Facebook, specially designed for local buying and selling. This feature was launched in 2016, providing users with a virtual Marketplace to list, discover, and engage in transactions for a wide range of goods and services within their local communities.


facebook marketplace

After a short time, this platform rapidly grew as a bustling online trading market and became one of the main channels for advertising. This can be explained by several reasons:

Large User Base: Facebook has an extensive user count, providing Marketplace with a broad audience. This helps connect buyers and sellers in the local area.

Integration with Facebook Profiles: The integration with users’ existing Facebook profiles adds a layer of accountability and trust, as individuals can view each other’s profiles. In many cases, you can see ratings or reviews from previous transactions.

Local Focus: Marketplace emphasizes local transactions, making it convenient for users to find items in their vicinity. This local focus often leads to quicker purchases and decreases the need for shipping.

Ease of Use: The platform is integrated into the Facebook app and website, making it easily accessible to a large number of users. The familiar interface and straightforward listing process contribute to its effectiveness.

How to access Facebook Marketplace? 

You can access it directly by clicking on front store icon of the Marketplace: 

  • If you open Facebook by mobile app, tap the 3 vertical lines and scroll down till you see the Marketplace icon. 
  • If you access the website, just click it on the icon bar on the top of the screen or on the left-hand side.

So what do we have in the Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace provides an enormously diverse catalog of items available for buying and selling. According to Facebook’s categories, you can deal in areas including: apparel; electronics; entertainment; garden & outdoor; hobbies; home goods; pet supplies, and much more. 

Of course, those are simply the high-level groupings – each contains a rich subset of specific products. Essentially, Marketplace accommodates virtually anything you could want to sell, spanning both products and services, both new and used items.

As a buyer, Marketplace’s filters allow you to easily narrow down listings by price range and location. If something catches your eye, you can directly connect with sellers through Messenger to ask questions or negotiate.

And as a seller, you have control over the visibility scope for your listings, fine-tuning the geographical boundaries of potential customers that will encounter your offers with just a few simple settings.

facebook shopping

Why should you choose it? 

There are some key unique advantages that make Facebook Marketplace a powerful option for your marketing campaign. I will explain them in the most basic way for you.

Reach Targeted Audiences: The people who take the time to scroll through Marketplace are specifically interested in buying goods and services in their local area. You can target your ads with precise location parameters (around 10 or 20 km) to connect with these shoppers where they’re already searching.

Flexible Remarketing: Facebook’s advanced tracking lets you target consumers based on their actual purchase activity and behaviors. Send special offers to those who recently bought from your store and remarket to people who searched your product categories.

Cost-Effective Visibility at Scale: Top-quality impressions and clicks come at a fraction of the cost compared to platforms like Google Ads. Facebook’s detailed analytics empower you to optimize the return from every dollar you invest.

Increase Website Traffic and Online Store Sales: Invite visitors to explore your full inventory of products through your Facebook shop or external e-commerce site. The platform helps connect all your channels and stores.

In addition to the reasons outlined above, there are several other compelling motivations for utilizing Facebook advertising to promote your products. To gain a more comprehensive perspective, I encourage you to explore the article of Mary Jane for an insightful overview of making Facebook Ads.

How to advertise on Facebook Marketplace?

Who can place ads on the Marketplace? 

The answer is everyone using Facebook, and it is almost free if you sell without ads. The easiest way to sell something is by posting it in the Marketplace and setting a suitable location; then, Facebook will take care of the rest. By this way, your post of selling products/ services will be approached naturally by users in vicinity. 

Regarding advertising on Facebook Marketplace, I will guide you through some key steps below. I believe you can place ads after the first reading because all you need to do is follow this general guideline.

Step 1: You must have a Facebook Business Page to create and manage ads. The basic requirement is logging in to your Facebook account and adding your payment.

Step 2: Access your ads manager through your Business Page, as you will create and control ads using this feature.

Step 3: Select the advertising objective that aligns with your goals, such as awareness, consideration, or conversion.

Step 4: Define your target audience and choose the placement for your Marketplace ads. It is crucial to set your ads in the right places.

Step 5: Focus on creating interesting ads, including content, images, videos, and other relevant details.

Step 6: Determine your budget for the ad campaign and set a schedule for when you want your ads to run.

Step 7: Review your ad settings and make any necessary adjustments for the final. Now, just publish your ad. So, that’s all you need to know about setting up your advertisements on the Marketplace. 

fb marketplace

However, there are still some challenges for newbies who are amateurs in the advertising area. For example, you must learn about the platform’s policies (Facebook updates policies frequently), how to navigate from ads and adjust to optimize Facebook ad campaigns. This knowledge requires time to test and analyze. If you don’t want to waste your time, you can choose an agency service for this. I will explain more in the next parts below.

Tips for Effective Facebook Marketplace Ads

Use Attractive Photos and Videos: Showing products is the key feature of Marketplace ads. My advice is to use eye-catching images; this makes people more likely to stop and check out your ad.

Provide Detailed Descriptions: Of course, you must provide details such as what the product is, key specs, size, color options, what’s included, etc. When buyers understand exactly what you offer, it will save time for both.

Offer Special Discounts: Promotions like up to 70% off for Black Friday or free shipping for a limited time will encourage people to buy right away. It is easy to see that special deals encourage action.

Remarket to Past Viewers: The most useful solution is using Facebook’s tracking. This smart tool will show your ads again to anyone who previously saw or clicked on your store but didn’t buy yet. Reminding them may lead to a sale if you’re lucky.

Check Performance Data Frequently: See which audience age groups, locations, genders, etc., get you the most purchases. Then, adjust by shifting more ad budget toward those top-converting demographics.

Test Multiple Versions of Ads: Make small changes in your photos, captions, or targeting to compare what performs best. Keep testing and making improvements until you find the most suitable strategy.

Advertising on Marketplace with Influence 

Based on the introductory guidance provided so far, you should now be able to set up basic Facebook Marketplace advertising on your own. However, I still recommend considering agency services for large-scale marketing campaigns. Getting ads running on Marketplace is fairly straightforward, but optimizing performance requires more advanced expertise that I haven’t covered in this article (though I’m happy to elaborate in a future post if helpful).

A major advantage agencies have is well-established, reputable ad accounts that receive preferential treatment. As a certified Meta Business Partner operating top accounts, Influence enjoys professional features for smoother advertising execution across Facebook platforms, including Marketplace. Any issues get promptly resolved for these accounts.

Additionally, agencies intimately understand Facebook’s ever-evolving policies and can skillfully create compliant ads suited for the platform’s diverse user base. As an individual, keeping up with frequent updates is tricky, as is crafting content palatable for the masses without violating community standards.

Strategic direction and budget allocation for Marketplace also benefit greatly from an agency’s know-how, saving you time figuring out the optimal approach yourself.

With their seasoned expertise running thousands of campaigns, Influence as Cambodia’s #1 agency can capably guide your Marketplace advertising to success. Simply provide your goals and budget, then let us handle the rest – from configuring promotions to evaluating performance using insightful analytics.

And we offer integrated services across Google, YouTube, Instagram and more to surround consumers with your brand across channels. Contact Influence to explore comprehensive plans with Facebook Ads services tailored to your vision!

My Conclusion

I’ve now covered most of what I know about Facebook Marketplace advertising. Please feel free to leave any additional questions below!

I’ll leave you with some tips for optimizing campaign performance. Thoroughly research the pros/cons of your products/services, as well as competitor offerings. This will reveal your differentiators for impactful ads. And don’t forget to check out articles on types of Facebook ads to discover the one that fits your product or service perfectly.

Diversifying across advertising platforms is also smart, or you can explore various Facebook advertising methods. If unsure where to start, check out more on Facebook SEO marketing, which dives deeper than what I covered here.

In closing, thank you for reading! I appreciate you taking the time to explore Marketplace advertising and hope these insights prove valuable. See you in my next article about Instagram Ads.