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Boost Your Business: Exploring Top 7 Benefits of Instagram Ads

Let’s discover how top brands convert impressions into customers with shoppable posts on Instagram. Is it same with Facebook ads services? Of course they are same in some aspects, but each of them still have different strengthen. In this article, I will explain some benefits of Instagram ads and tips for effective advertising on this platform. Explore easy tricks to make Instagram ads a breeze for small businesses.

What’s Instagram Ads? 

instagram app

With over 1.2 billion monthly active users representing 28% of global internet users, Instagram has been recognized as one of the most influential social platforms. And it is the second most downloaded app just after Facebook. In consequence, this huge audience will give businesses a big opportunity to spread their messages. 

Let’s talk about some great things that happen when you paid advertising on Instagram. By making ads that target specific groups of people and putting them in cool and trendy settings, your ads can help your brand grow a lot. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of Instagram ads!

How do Instagram ads work in your campaign?

Targeted Reach

In your Instagram campaign, leverage the platform’s extensive user demographics for targeted advertising, similar to Facebook ads. There aren’t many differences in audience filtering between these two social media platforms, so you can explore more information in the article about effective Facebook ads.

In simple terms, Instagram provides detailed targeting options based on factors such as age, interests, behaviors, and more. This enables you to reach the specific audience most likely to engage with your advertisement.

Enhance Your Brand Awareness

With its massive user base and appealing visuals, Instagram allows you to connect with the people who matter to your business. These ads resemble your brand’s story told in a captivating way, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Instagram stands out as a communication channel that I highly value for its visual impact, playing a pivotal role in establishing brand recognition. I suggest that integrating Instagram ads with content-centric platforms such as Google or Facebook can elevate your marketing campaign, providing a comprehensive and polished approach.

What’s cool is that you can target your ads to reach the exact audience you’re aiming for. So, if you choose an agency to incorporate Instagram ads into the marketing mix as Influence, it’s not just about boosting your online presence. This is an important step in building a stronger, more recognizable brand that stands out in the digital crowd. 

brand identity

Boost brand recognition with visuals

Instagram ad’s foundation lies in captivating photos and videos, making it an ideal space for visually appealing ads. Harness the power of visual storytelling to drive engagement. The platform’s visually-oriented design provides an excellent canvas for creative advertising content.

When you choose advertising on Instagram, it means you need to invest more on visual content and video. Because most of Instagram’s users focus on images of products or advertise video more than description text below.  

Some tips for you: there is no one size fits all for Instagram ads, so I will provide you a summary of highly recommended sizes. Moreover, it also depends on types of Instagram ads you choose for the campaign, I just suggest you some of the most popular.

(pixels) Landscape  Portrait  Square Supported aspect ratio
Instagram post  1080 x 566 1080 x 1350  1080 x 1080 Between 1.91:11 and 4:5
Photo thumbnail 161 x 161 
Instagram Stories 1080 x 1920  9:16
Carousel images 1080 x 566 1080 x 1350  1080 x 1080 landscape (1.91:1), 

square (1:1), 

vertical (4:5)

Instagram Reels  1080 x 1920 1:1 in profile feed
4:5 in home feed
Instagram Ads  1080 x 566 1080 x 1080 Between 1.91:11 and 4:5

High Conversion Rate

Because Instagram aims to provide a positive and seamless experience for its users. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that the content users see aligns with their interests and preferences. 

Facebook usually suggests  irrelevant products, but Instagram’s rarely. This means your ads can reach precisely the right potential customers for your business. So it becomes easier to convert Instagram ad views into actual sales, more than other platforms.

However, I have one key tip – you need an authentic, reputable Instagram account for this to work best. The Instagram algorithm favors ads from accounts that seem trustworthy based on factors like page updates, content quality, real engagement and reviews. Ads from accounts seeming spam or disreputable don’t perform as well.

instagram carousel ads

Instagram users tend to engage more with brands and profiles they trust. This trust is crucial for creating a positive user experience. Brands that establish themselves as trusted partners are more likely to be accepted by users and integrated into their Instagram feeds and stories. 

It does take some effort to build a credible Instagram home for your brand. But it’s worth it for the advantages when you run campaigns. The targeting gets your ads to people that matter, while your page builds the influence to drive real transactions.

Performance Measurement

The Ads Manager of Instagram makes it easy to see how your ads are performing and gives lots of helpful analytics to track results. You first choose what goals you want your campaign to achieve. Do you aim to grow brand awareness? Increase sales? Boost followers?

The analytics will provide in-depth insights into how well your ads are performing in alignment with the specific goals you’ve set for your Instagram advertising campaign. This integrated approach enables you to assess and refine your strategies for optimal results.

So it means Instagram advertising comes with a built-in guidance system. Generous analytics insights assure you have the keys to guide strategy in profitable directions. Let the numbers lead the way forward!

Attract visitors to website 

Beyond brand building, Instagram provides a bridge to online commerce. Promotions on your Instagram will engage visitors to your website through clicks. Attach advertising posts with “Shop Now”; it will be easier to attract customers’ attention.

We all know that the main aim of any kind of advertising is to encourage customers to visit a website and make purchases. A smooth shopping experience makes it easier for customers to shop, and Instagram is here to help you achieve just that.

Let’s imagine you’re an Instagram user, casually scrolling through, and suddenly, you spot a shirt that catches your eye. Now, if you can simply click on it and find details about buying it right then and there, the chances of you making a quick purchase shoot up. However, if you face any interruptions while checking out the product, almost half of your interest disappears in a snap, right? Or, at the very least, if you visit the website, the overall website traffic goes up. So, Instagram’s stable connections will help a lot in significantly boosting traffic to your website. 

Flexible Budget

Instagram ads work for all budget sizes. Big or small, you can run effective campaigns. The costs per impression and click stay reasonable for reaching users. This opens the huge Instagram audience to businesses even with modest budgets.

Creative challenges rather than financials often pose bigger obstacles. So first build authentic, purposeful messaging. Then deploy minimums to assess responses before scaling. You always need time to test what’s the most suitable budget for your campaign. 

If you are still confused about how to set the budget plan, let’s discover useful information in the article about Facebook ads cost

Comparing Instagram and Facebook Ads

Instagram and Facebook ads share a lot. But key differences help explain choosing one over the other. Instagram skews younger, thriving on visual appeal. Vibrant videos and images excel there for brands in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle categories. 

Meanwhile Facebook, with its broad utility charms, finds reusable value across industries selling practicality before charm. Varied formats and targeting data reflects its diverse user mashup. You can buy or sell everything on Facebook (except illegal things, of course). 

instagram vs facebook

In simple terms, fashion seduces via Instagram’s images and videos. Software sells functionality first needing Facebook’s text-driven explanations. So rather than platform capabilities, product natures should guide channel choices. Identify whether your offerings are visually self-evident or require elaboration. Align environments accordingly.

In essence both have unique strengths. But pursued individually each leaves gaps possibly filled by the other. An omni-channel strategy maximizes combined reach, alternating each platform’s ideal prospects into your brand’s full awareness of consideration to conversion sequence.

Why should choose Influence Agency?

In reality, building a highly trusted Instagram channel takes more time than you might think. Ensuring the quality of images and product videos meets high standards can be particularly time-consuming. The competition on a display-centric platform like Instagram will require more investment to outshine competitors. A professional agency team will help you save time and money in building a comprehensive campaign for brand growth.

Take your brand to the next level with Influence’s Instagram ads service. Our team excels in creating top-notch ad creatives and campaigns, ensuring your content shines on Instagram. We stay ahead of the game with a deep understanding of the latest Instagram ad offerings. 

What’s more, our talented team allows us to launch impactful campaigns at scale. With ongoing optimization and innovation led by our specialists, your brand will not just capture attention but stay ahead of Instagram trends. Influence will bring you a seamless and effective Instagram ads experience that propels your brand forward.

Some tips for your Instagram Ads

If you run a small business in visually appealing niches like fashion, cosmetics, home decoration, souvenirs, handmade crafts, or other aesthetically-driven products, consider investing in Instagram ads alongside Facebook. To make the most impact, dedicate significant resources to captivating photography and video, as Instagram thrives on visual allure. Ensure your creative content stands out in the face of tough competition. If you’re new to Instagram ads, check out the post how to run Instagram ads for the basics to help small shops get started.

However, if your goal is to create a strong brand through marketing, relying solely on Instagram ads won’t cut it, regardless of your industry. The most effective approach involves comprehensive strategies with multimedia awareness across various channels to achieve your goals.

For a quick tip on creating impactful awareness campaigns, think about hiring an experienced and reputable agency. Share your goals and budget with them. The top Cambodian agency, Influence Media, can take it from there, creating tailored plans aligned with the nature and ideals of your offerings. Your only remaining task would be to occasionally review reports assessing campaign effectiveness.

Wouldn’t it be nice to streamline success? Submit inquiries below for personalized guidance on advisory or execution options. All will be made simple!