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INFLUENCE x LIBERTY CARZ: Journey to Prominence as Cambodia Super Car App

About Liberty Carz

Liberty Carz is an innovative digital car marketplace powered by Liberty Technology. The platform updates the car-buying experience by providing customers with access to a diverse choice of high-quality vehicles while providing merchants with a unique opportunity to connect with a highly focused client base. Yet, there’s a notable challenge ahead: How can Liberty Carz set itself apart and leave a lasting mark on customers while competing effectively against both online and traditional competitors in the automotive industry?

Influence Agency’s Solutions

To fulfill the brand’s needs and address the challenges it encounters, Influence has established a comprehensive marketing strategy. This strategy enhances brand awareness, customer loyalty, and profitability through both online and offline marketing simultaneously. Each phase is meticulously orchestrated by Influence, incorporating specific steps aimed at achieving overarching objectives.

Market Research

Market research is a vital component of the partnership. Influence conducts in-depth research to provide Liberty Carz with valuable insights into the market landscape and a comprehensive understanding of their competitors. This knowledge is pivotal in enabling Influence to propose tailored marketing strategies that set Liberty Carz apart from its rivals effectively.

Website & App Development

Influence continually enhances and maintains Liberty Carz’s website and app to ensure that they remain up-to-date and align with the evolving needs and preferences of their target customers. This includes optimizing the user interface, functionality, and content to provide an engaging and seamless experience. The app is designed for easy download and use on Android and iOS, across various devices. Moreover, Influence is committed to continuously enhancing the user experience by supporting the development of new features for the app, including but not limited to CarEZ login, Loan Calculator, Referral, to ensure our users enjoy an exceptional and user-friendly experience.

Digital Marketing

We manage Liberty Carz’s digital marketing initiatives, including the optimization of their online presence across various social channels. This encompasses running strategic Always-On Ads on platforms such as:
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Telegram Ads
These ads are meticulously designed to keep Liberty Carz in the forefront of potential customers’ minds. At the same time, we’re fostering automotive communities, sharing valuable information to engage with and attract potential customers from social networks.


Influence takes a hands-on approach to crafting and maintaining Liberty Carz’s brand identity. This includes creating and upholding a comprehensive Brand Guide, developing engaging brand mascots, designing printed materials, and executing media campaigns. These branding efforts are a cornerstone of elevating Liberty Carz’s brand awareness and reputation in the competitive Cambodian market.


To enhance the capacity to convey information through visuals, our team has crafted the Likaka mascot and promotional materials in alignment with our branding guidelines. Each product has received meticulous attention from Influence, spanning from ideation to execution. This has made advertising content for Liberty Carz more compelling and conveyed through a diverse range of formats.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

Influence is at the forefront of developing and implementing an integrated marketing communications strategy for Liberty Carz. This involves proposing and executing various marketing activities to boost sales and explore diverse marketing angles. The overarching goal is to help Liberty Carz secure a formidable position in the market and successfully achieve all their marketing objectives. This comprehensive approach often involves coordinating multiple marketing channels to ensure a cohesive and effective message to the audience.


Influence is responsible for orchestrating remarkable launch events and promotional activities that leave a lasting impact on Liberty Carz’s target audience. These events serve as a powerful platform for introducing Liberty Carz’s products or services in a memorable and engaging way. At both Cam Auto Expo 2023 and the preceding Cambodia Real Estate & Lifestyle Exhibition, Liberty Carz garnered significant interest from customers and partners alike. The advertising and promotional programs within these events have greatly contributed to the brand’s visibility and substantially increased app downloads.


In less than a year of partnership with Liberty Carz, the brand has achieved significant results:
  • Over 150K apps installed in just three months.
  • A reach of over 14 million, including merchants and customers.
  • Over 129K visits to the Liberty Carz website.
These results represent just a portion of Liberty Carz’s achievements. However, given the outstanding results mentioned above, it’s clear that there are promising prospects for future projects and the sustainability of a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

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