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Liberty Currency Exchange: A Drive to Succeed with Influence

Who is Liberty Currency Exchange?

Liberty Currency Exchange is a FinTech company based in Cambodia, focusing on delivering a range of financial services such as money transfers, foreign currency exchange, and payment solutions to both individuals and businesses.

Liberty Currency Exchange offers a diverse array of money transfer and currency exchange services within Cambodia, including over 15 different currencies. Moreover, the company has developed the Liberty Exchange & Transfer app, enabling customers to conveniently perform online money transfers and currency exchanges without visiting a physical agent.

Who are the target customers?

Target customers of Liberty Currency Exchange comprise residents in Cambodia, including not only Cambodian nationals but also individuals from Vietnamese and Chinese backgrounds. They seek a reliable provider of currency exchange services with the intention of making investments.

What were the challenges?

  • Establishing a strong brand identity for Liberty Exchange to foster a sense of trustworthiness.
  • Targeting specific niche communities to drive sales through focused marketing efforts.

Our solutions

We recommend that Liberty Currency Exchange use light blue as the primary brand color to give a sense of hope, trustworthiness, and stability.

We also designed a mascot to make the brand even more recognizable, creating the impression that the brand has been personified into a friendly character, which makes customers feel more comfortable when they interact with the brand.

This branding strategy has made the brand appear more professional and trustworthy.

We built a Facebook page and a Telegram channel to create an online community for Liberty Currency Exchange. The social posts are used to announce upcoming events, offers, promotions, and other important news about the services.

Each post has pictures with the brand’s color and mascot to make people remember and recognize the brand better.

We use two languages, Vietnamese and Chinese, and maintain content diversity by sharing 3 social posts per week and 3 videos per month.  This keeps things interesting and appeals to target customers with different language preferences and content consumption habits.

We conduct seeding campaigns by creating or joining groups on both Facebook and Telegram. These groups have many people who want to exchange money in Cambodia.

We produce straightforward, friendly content tailored to our customer base, complete with links to the Facebook page and Telegram channel. We consistently share this content in the groups to leave a lasting impression of Liberty Currency Exchange among the members.

After putting the seeding campaigns into action, there was a notable 32% increase in the number of customers using Liberty Currency Exchange’s services.

We create the company’s official website, where we publish blog articles featuring common queries (FAQs), service guidelines, and other valuable information for customers to access.

We also develop content around many topics related to the money exchange industry and matters that pique customer interest. These blog articles contribute to a rise in website visitors, enhancing the appearance of the brand on Google search results pages.

Notably, the website attracted over 100,000 visitors per month in both August and September 2023.


The solutions brought by Influence Agency have garnered significant attention and received positive feedback from Liberty Currency Exchange’s customers. With such encouraging results, Influence Agency aspires to continue partnering with Liberty Currency Exchange to reach new milestones in the future.

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