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Instagram Ads Service: “Flex” In Your Very Own Way!

Maybe you know that Instagram is the second most popular social networking platform in Meta, right behind Facebook. Instagram ads has consistently been the best option for creating compelling brand stories because of its visually appealing interface and vast library of creative resources. In order to genuinely establish your brand through Instagram advertising, you need a strong plan that blends knowledge, abilities for market analysis, and creative thinking. It sounds complicated, right? 

No worries. Influence ensures we can provide a complete strategy that takes into account each of these elements to make your brand stand out. Together, let’s make your brand an Instagram success story to remember!

Is Instagram Ads much different from Facebook Ads?

Basically, no. Advertising on Instagram is quite similar to setting up Facebook ads. You can seamlessly create Instagram Ads right from your Facebook channel, streamlining your advertising efforts. And here is a handy tip – you can manage both platforms through a single Meta Ads Manager account. 

facebook and instagram

Now, if you’re leaning towards Instagram advertising, here’s the scoop: visual appeal is key! Unlike Facebook, where text can sometimes steal the show, Instagram thrives on eye-catching visuals. Think stunning images and engaging videos to convey your message effectively. So, if you’re ready to make a splash in the visually vibrant world of Instagram, focus on upping your image quality game. 

Running Instagram Ads with Influence

Influencing your audience on Instagram with Influence follows a smooth process, quite same of our Facebook advertising approach:

Step 1: Detailed Consultation

When you first reach out to us, our priority is to understand your unique needs and goals. Through a thorough consultation, we delve into the specifics of your requirements. We gather the necessary information to customize our strategy based on your goals, whether they are to raise conversions, attract traffic, or build brand awareness. Influence offers insightful advice, suggesting different advertising styles and recommending budgets that complement your goals.

Step 2: Advertising Planning

After getting a clear understanding of your goals, our team at Influence initiates an in-depth advertising planning phase. We conduct meticulous product research and perform a comprehensive analysis of your competitors. Based on these insights, we craft a detailed advertising campaign strategy. This includes not only the creative aspects such as content and imagery but also the logistical elements like campaign settings and payment options for running Instagram Ads. Clients are given the flexibility to either transfer a prepayment of the campaign budget or conveniently make card payments.

Step 3: Ads Setup

Once the planning is in place, we get hands-on in setting up your Instagram Ads. Our skilled team prepares compelling content and eye-catching images that resonate with your target audience. We go beyond the basics by creating dedicated pages and advertising accounts specifically tailored for your campaign. Additionally, we leverage advanced tools such as Meta Pixel, Event Tracking, Catalogs, and more, ensuring that your campaign reaches the widest engagement.

Step 4: Campaign Optimization

Influence will continuously monitor the performance of your campaign. We measure efficiency, analyze user engagement, and gather valuable feedback. Based on these insights, we proactively adjust content to ensure it resonates effectively with your audience. Our focus is on creating content that not only encourages high levels of involvement but also utilizes optimization tools strategically to boost conversion rates. The goal is to refine and enhance your campaign throughout its duration.

Step 5: Reporting & Evaluation

At every stage of the process, Influence provides detailed reports, keeping you informed about the progress of your Instagram Ads campaign. To wrap up the journey, we present a comprehensive evaluation report simultaneously with the payment invoice. This report includes a detailed analysis of the campaign’s performance, highlighting key metrics and insights gained. With our service, you not only get results but also a transparent and informative experience throughout your Instagram advertising journey.

Why Choose Influence?

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Expert Team

At Influence, our pride lies in the expertise of our seasoned professionals. Each team member brings years of experience in managing digital marketing services, having successfully executed numerous projects on both local and international scales. This wealth of experience allows us to craft effective strategies aimed at minimizing risks and maximizing income for your business.

Comprehensive Services

We’ve got all your online advertising needs covered here at Influence. Whether it’s PPC advertising, email marketing, or short video advertising, we’ve got the expertise to handle it all. If you’re considering expanding your reach beyond Instagram, our team is fully equipped to create engaging ads on additional social networking platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Optimized Costs

Our service packages are thoughtfully designed to save you money, human resources, and time. Each package includes a detailed list of services for your convenience, ensuring clarity in what you’re getting. To guarantee a consistently high and steady Return on Investment (ROI), we conduct regular reviews, refining our approach to meet your evolving needs.

Transparent Reporting

We pride ourselves on providing clear and transparent reporting, with all expenses fully listed and calculated based on the agreed-upon price quotation. Our commitment is to keep you well-informed about all costs throughout our partnership, fostering transparency and trust.